Useful Links

Here’s some useful links for textile and fashion designers.  I’ll keep adding to the list so check back for more.

Digital Printing for Fabrics

Issey Miyake’s fantastic book Pleats Please follows the experimentation behind his beautiful ground-breaking digitally printed and pleated fabrics.

Direct Digital Print, high quality dye printing on natural fibres

Spoonflower, digital pigment printing for natural fabrics, wallpaper and more.  Very user friendly with the opportunity to sell own designs.

Frankie and Swiss, Melbourne based boutique business, custom digital print on fabric

Fabrics, Dyes and Auxiliaries

Kraftkolour is an Australian company based in Melbourne and supplies quality dyes, screen printing inks and more including free downloadable how to info sheets on their products.  I’ve bought from these people for years and have always been happy with their prices and service.

Elsegood Fabrics are based in Sydney, Australia, and have sold fine quality silk for years.  Their silks are well priced and take the dye beautifully.

Dharma Trading is a USA company based in San Francisco, California, and sell a huge range of products including fabrics, dyes, auxiliaries and more.  Like Kraftkolour, they have great info sheets.  They also post internationally extremely quickly and at good rates, faster than within Australia!

Pickering International Inc. is also based in San Francisco, California and wholesale quality sustainable and organic fabrics including hemp and cotton.  They share info on the supply chain for their products and are very friendly and helpful, especially long distance.  Online payment options are not available at present, but they have fax.

Fabric Tales is a Japanese site (also in English) and retails beautiful Japanese fabrics in traditional and modern designs.  Fabrics include cottons, silks, and rayon and polyester chirimen crepe, as well as cute projects.  They also have decorative cords and tapes.  I’ve always found their service friendly and helpful and the postage reasonable, with the order beautifully packaged on delivery, like receiving a present.

Fascinating science for fashion and textile design

Diana Eng is a New York based designer interested in science and maths related to textiles and fashion.  She creates very innovative designs including the Fibonacci scarf, heat/cold sensitive prints and the fortune cookie purse.  She designs Fairytale Fashion including inflatable and LED designs, and you can make your own projects from her Fashion Geek book.

‘Lynne Bruning is the creatrix of exclusive wearable art, eTextiles and adaptive technologies’ according to her website.  The tutorials on adding LEDs to fabric projects are detailed and informative, and there is a lot to look at and learn on fashion, art and technology.

Eucalyptus Dye Workshops

Adelaide textile artist/designer Robyn Henwood runs regular dye and print workshops including Eucalyptus dyeing.

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