Wind is the Enemy of Wheatpaste

The pasting up of murals for the SALA exhibition was running smoothly over the weekend.

Portal, Christ Church Anglican, South Road

Yesterday a strong north-westerly came out of nowhere as I was attempting to paste up at Marion and I ended up wearing the mural.  We now have six of the fifteen images on the walls, but no hope of getting the remaining nine up before the beginning of the Festival on Friday.

Bluebeard at the Pea Farm, South Road

With our beautiful balmy autumn weather in April, it didn’t occur to me that wind and rain are the enemy of wheatpaste.  Though the images are moderately weather-proof when up, it’s getting them on the wall that’s the problem.

Rapunzel at the Lighthouse, Marino

So if you are visiting the exhibition on Friday and wonder why most of it is missing, it’s the weather.

Locations that are up:

Parkholme Community Hall, Marion Road, Parkholme

Mitchell Park Neighbourhood Centre, Cumbria Court, Mitchell Park

Richard Jolly Racing, Morphett Road, Morphettville

Panorama Crash Repairs (with some community additions), Raglan Avenue, Edwardstown

Bernard and Keryn Brown Furnishers, South Road, Clovelly Park

Commonwealth Bank, Marion Road, Parkholme