Still Lives by Rita Hall


This is a very beautiful exhibition by well-known Adelaide artist, Rita Hall.  According to the exhibition catalogue; “The works are a tribute to the art of Giorgia Morandi (1890 – 1964), who searched for the inner life of inanimate objects though his paintings and etchings.  Rita emulates the conceptual aspirations of Morandi and adds her own twist.” Continue reading Still Lives by Rita Hall


Images from Amorphic Hands


Here are some quick photographs taken at the exhibition so please excuse the quality of the lighting and overall picture.   From left to right, the Black Swan tunic and tutu with origami pin and swan feather choker; the Warp tunic and skirt with optional jellyfish ‘word’ decoration and jellyfish pin; Fragment Dress with brooch; Shape with Fragment brooch; Shape with magnetic brooch, all magnetic brooches by Lauren Simeoni for Amorphic.

Ballet Russes: The Art of Costume

 Léon Baskt Tunic from costume for the Blue God c.1912

Léon Baskt Tunic from costume for the Blue God c.1912
 from Le Dieu Bleu National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, purchased 1987

Years ago at the library in a local art college there was a beautiful book on the costumes of the Ballet Russes that I used to drool over as it brings art and design in clothing together.  What more could you ask for?

Here’s a link to Ballet Russes:  The Art of Costume at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, on show now until 20th March 2011.  The site includes lots of beautiful pictures and information on the artist/designers.

Dye and print with eucalyptus leaves

This is a ‘how to’ guide on dyeing your own fabrics with Eucalyptus dyes.

Eucalypso results were developed though a mixture of reading books on the subject and trial and error.  The following books are great resources but being a natural dyestuff, the results of dyeing with Eucalyptus leaves vary depending on the location of the variety. Continue reading Dye and print with eucalyptus leaves