Autumn Collection

There’s nothing like a drive through the beautiful Adelaide Hills in Autumn to find inspiration to create new designs.  With the last two years all about street art, especially photography, I’m experimenting with colour and light to achieve some nice surface designs.  So thanks to RedBubble for being a quality print partner here is the start of my Autumn Collection, soon to be available in a range of scarves, chiffon tops, bags, homewares, gift cards and the essential journals at Etsy.




For the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival this August, Andrew and I are working on noise murals for the streets of Adelaide.  Or rather it started out that way.

click to listen to A Fantastic Device
‘Portal’, Anglican Church, South Road, O’Halloran Hill. Click on image to listen to A Fantastic Device, by chalkwhitehands

The original intention was to paste up photo-montage murals on random walls around the Adelaide CBD and suburbs, but an intervention cut the idea short.  We were lucky to drift in the direction of the Marion Council district and are now working exclusively on murals of historic and interesting architecture and surrounds in that area. 

Subterranean brings European fairy tales into an Adelaide setting.  The arrival of the characters through portals in the area, warps and distorts the buildings and landscape.  Andrew has composed sound to accompany the murals, with titles inspired by Tolkien’s essay On Fairy Stories


At each mural will be a QR code than can be scanned by the QR App on a smartphone, which will take the view/listener to the ambient sound.  We will be listing the locations of the murals when they are all up, hopefully by the beginning of the Festival!

Now at Blogspot

I’m taking pictures more than anything else at the moment so have moved to Blogspot for every-day stuff;  food, art, craft, fashion and anything home town Adelaide or next favourite city, Melbourne.  Will still be using WordPress as home base but Blogspot is simpler for images.  Feel free to visit, comment, follow, whatever 🙂

Eucalypso at Blogspot
Street Art, Union Lane, Melbourne