The Great Disruption part 2

Continuing on from the last post, The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding, the author examines what will cause an abrupt rather than slow end to global economic growth.  Through our denial of the fact that we are using more resources than the earth is capable of sustaining, we will continue to fight the inevitable.

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The Great Disruption

My Dad recently passed on a book called “The Great Disruption” by Paul Gilding.  While I’ve read articles and listened to arguments about the impact of man-made global warming, finite resources and over consumption,  I’ve never thought about how all these events will come together to impact on life as we know it.

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More Inspirational Books

Vivienne Westwood (V & A Publications)

Vivienne Westwood (VA)

This beautiful book was written by Clare Wilcox, curator of the highly successful, international travelling Vivienne Westwood V & A exhibition.  Published in 2004, it documents 33 years of Westwood’s evolution to (who I think is) the most influential contemporary fashion designer in the world.  With large colour photographs grouped in the order of each major collection and insightful commentary including a Forward, art direction and quotes throughout by Westwood, this is a must have for any dedicated fashionista.  I’d love to see a follow up for the next 10 years. Continue reading More Inspirational Books

Maurice Sendak

Very sad to hear about the passing of the great author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.  I’m not using the word ‘children’s’ because his books are as appealing to adults.  The best pop-up book ever, Mommy (or Mummy? here in Australia) with Arthur Yorinks, is inspiration for our Continuity Ritual exhibition.

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Inspirational Books

Eco Fashion

Eco Fashion looks at different approaches to ethical and ecologically friendly fashion through individual designer labels.  From partnering with indigenous communities, using sustainable or recycled materials, slow fashion to waste-free construction and pattern-making methods, this interesting book describes each designer’s practice accompanied with lots of beautiful photographs.  The book is written by Sass Brown, a full time professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Rei Kawakubo: Refusing Fashion
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