More patterns

These are the last two fold and stitch fabrics for the Continuity shrine.


The silk organza was folded multiple times and pressed into a square, stitched along the folds to secure, then dip dyed on the edges only.  When dry, the fabric was opened up to less layers.  Circles were stitched in the centre of the squares, pulled in tightly, bound with cord for extra resist and carefully dip dyed. Continue reading More patterns


For the Continuity shrine in our upcoming exhibition, here is silk organza stitch and clamp resist dyed in black eucalyptus dye to a soft grey.  The dye is left over from the shrouds mentioned in a previous post.

The fabric is first folded multiple times, then stitched with a fine polyester sewing thread used for leather, as it is strong and resists the dye.

stitch pleat

Sewn straight lines to pull into pleats

stitch spiral

Stitched spirals Continue reading Patterns

Dye and print with eucalyptus leaves

This is a ‘how to’ guide on dyeing your own fabrics with Eucalyptus dyes.

Eucalypso results were developed though a mixture of reading books on the subject and trial and error.  The following books are great resources but being a natural dyestuff, the results of dyeing with Eucalyptus leaves vary depending on the location of the variety. Continue reading Dye and print with eucalyptus leaves