Mmmm…Muratti is Adelaide’s must visit café for beautiful cakes and biscuits.

The flavours are delicate and everything is made with high quality ingredients.

Muratti biscuits

The full size cakes for special occasions can be sampled in a smaller version with coffee in the café!


The pricing is very affordable, with cocktail cakes under $4, and the individual (sample) gateaux around $8.  The customer service is friendly and attentive.

muratti4muratti3Muratti berry cake

This is my favourite, the berry and apple gateau:  White chocolate mousse with a berry mousse centre, and a layer of sponge and caramalised apple on a coconut dacquoise.  ALL of the gateaux are this complex and beautiful and you can feel the quality in the weight of the cake.  We’ve easily found the perfect special occasion cake in store because they are all delicious, but order ahead if you have a favourite in mind.

MurattiMuratti Kab101 Lane

After coffee and cake, talk a walk down KAB101 lane out the back.  Adelaide’s first recognised graffiti artist lane and hopefully not the last.