I like tags….

..but as this exhibition is on authorised walls, a condition of access is to maintain the murals to the original image.

Seven Dwarfs at Oaklands Railway Station

Tags are the cornerstone of contemporary street art.  They are the method for gaining hand control of the spray can and developing an artistic signature, much like calligraphy.  Many tags are beautiful images on their own, and layered with other forms of street art become an exciting artwork in progress.

Tags are also the most maligned of street art, and the most high risk as a solvent based medium, for attracting a police record.  Wheatpaste is a grey area, though is able to be fined for littering!  I’m not sure where yarn bombing sits in the ‘arrestability’ factor.

The advantage of basing an exhibition on interesting architecture is that tags and graffiti just naturally work their way into it, so some of the murals include local art.

Red Riding Hood at Marino

I’m surprised at the amount of money councils spend removing graffiti, to then provide grants and spray cans to artists to paint murals on walls.  One doesn’t come without the other, but our society is often contradictory when it comes to art.  As with wheatpaste, you don’t learn how to do it without doing it, and lots of practice means unauthorised walls.

For beautiful graffiti see https://facebook.com/photon.vandalism


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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