Bring Back Format

Format is an artist run collective in the Adelaide CBD.  Andrew and I exhibited at their Peel Street gallery last year and they were very helpful and flexible.  Unfortunately Format lost their home due to redevelopment earlier this year, and is now aiming to secure a new space in the city.

Format needs your help!!

Here is their message:

We’re already a quarter of the way there, but we need your help spreading the above link up and down the internet.

There are some pretty solid rewards, including rare live recordings, engraved souvenirs from the old Format, zines, wizz fizz and tickets to the opening party.

22k seems like a lot, but it’s less than half of what we need to revive a safe, permanent version of the gallery-venue-shop-recording-rehearsal hybrid space we had going on Peel Street.

It’s a crucial piece of an overall funding campaign, aimed at transplanting a huge, displaced community of artists, writers, musicians, nerds and party technicians.

Deadline is FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Thank you!!


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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