Eucalypso at the Pool

Thanks to ABC Pool for featuring Eucalypso on their homepage!  In case you aren’t familiar with the website, ABC Pool is a great opportunity for national exposure of your work, or international if you are from another country.


 “ABC Pool is a social media site where you can share and engage with creative work and collaborate with the people who make it.  Anyone, any age, anywhere can contribute to Pool.  It’s a place for you to browse, listen to and comment on a variety of works.

If you join ABC Pool as a member you can upload images, text, audio and video.  You can start discussions or add to existing ones.  As a member, you can also suggest the Pool team feature a person or piece of media that you’ve appreciated on the Pool site.

If you’re interested in participating in projects, then take a look at ‘ABC- callouts’.  Participating in this way may result in your work being featured on ABC – online, on radio, or maybe on tv.  We also work with community and education partners, so contact us if you’d like to talk about an idea for an ABC-Callout.”

You are also most welcome to join our Continuity Ritual Project in any medium, just follow the link 🙂


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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