Exhibition alfresco

Seaside Adelaide

Seaside Adelaide

Between the sea and the city of Adelaide

West end of Adelaide CBD

Central Adelaide CBD

Adelaide CBD East end

South Parklands

South Parklands


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

6 thoughts on “Exhibition alfresco”

  1. Thank you, using the outdoors is inspiring and opens up another world of ideas. Unfortunately just as these ideas were developing a rapist was frequenting the same areas so women were told to not go out on their own at night. Makes me wonder if less women participate in street art because of this danger factor.

    Love your blog, by the way. It’s great to read about all things art Melbourne, especially street art.

    1. The danger factor of street art has been a reason why it has been dominated by men but this has changed in recent years in Melbourne’s street art scene. But there are so many reasons for you to continue with this kind of work, especially using the trees – you just need a security strategy.

  2. Steel cap boots and run fast? Trees can be pasted during the day but the walls really need to be done at night or at a quiet time. Part of the attraction is working alone and at night. I’ve no idea how a crew works, is the history more gang based?

    Thanks for the encouraging words, am intending to go out again soon, just putting it all together.

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