Koala spotting

My studio is located on the edge of suburban Adelaide, South Australia.  The area is covered with gum trees, so we are lucky to have occasional visits by local koalas.  Koalas are solitary creatures so only seek out company during mating season.  Our koalas were introduced from Victoria, as the South Australian variety was hunted to extinction for its fur in the 1920s.

Out the front of our property are River Red Gums (eucalyptus camaldulensis) which supply most of the dye materials for Eucalypso.  The trees are also popular with parrots (food) and magpies (nesting) so during Spring and Summer the koalas are pestered by the birds and only stay a few hours.

River Red Gums, eucalyptus camaldulensis

During winter there is less competition for the trees so a visiting koala can stay for up to a few days.  This morning we found this on the ground, a sure sign a koala is visiting.

Koala scat

Koala scat (poop) is about one inch to 3cm long and is mostly recycled eucalyptus leaves.  They are very prolific with their pooping so it’s difficult to miss.  We looked up and saw a lump in the top of the tree.  The trees are about 30 metres high.

Koala in tree

Excuse the blurry pictures but the camera doesn’t have much of a zoom for this distance.


The business end!


A fluffy ear is visible in this picture.  Will wait and see how long the koala stays.


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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