For the Continuity shrine in our upcoming exhibition, here is silk organza stitch and clamp resist dyed in black eucalyptus dye to a soft grey.  The dye is left over from the shrouds mentioned in a previous post.

The fabric is first folded multiple times, then stitched with a fine polyester sewing thread used for leather, as it is strong and resists the dye.

stitch pleat

Sewn straight lines to pull into pleats

stitch spiral

Stitched spirals

pleat and spiral

Pulled as tightly as possible

extra binding

Extra binding for resist to the dye

clamped resist technique

Clamped with carved lino designs slotted in between the layers and a wooden block on one side to add extra grip (would work better with a wooden block on both sides)

The fabrics are then simmer dyed for about ten minutes, left to dry, unpicked/unclamped, washed and pressed.

clamp resist with lino prints

clamp resist and lino print

Clamp resist and lino print dyed silk

stitched pleat resist

stitched pleat resist

Pleated stitched resist dyed silk

stitched spiral resist

stiched spiral resist dyed silk

Spiral stitched resist dyed silk organza


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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