Inner Garden Exhibition opens

Inner Garden is now open at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) Visitor Centre Gallery until March 25th, 2012, Clunies Ross Street, Acton, Canberra,  ACT.  Opening times are 9:30 to 4:30 daily.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, we are attempting to bring the exhibition to you, via sound, images and catalogue.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message below, we’d love to hear from you.

Accompanying the youtube clip is music inspired by rare and endangered plants of South Australia, A Silent Language, by Andrew Lord (chalkwhitehands).   Click here to read a description of the music.  The orchid pieces are a personal favourite.

For more detailed images of the clothing on display click here The silk chiffon kaftans and satin tunics are hand painted with water based fibre reactive dyes, in a soft watercolour effect.  Most are based on native flowers, but also native butterflies and the chrysalis. The shapes are simple rectangles or triangles to drape easily on the body, and are hand finished including glass beads.

Waratah Kaftan

The hand dyed organic cotton/hemp clothing is shaped like the chrysalis and the emerging butterfly with crumpled wings.  Clothing patterns are twisted, cut on angles with exaggerated flare and extra pieces of fabric sewn in to create uneven bulk and push out the shape of the top or skirt in unexpected ways.

Birdwing top & skirt

Hand coiled fibre basketry, by Joan Hogben, from native plant materials including leaves and pods are also on display.  It’s interesting to walk around the gardens and identify the plants that are used in the basketry.   We’ve utilised an open cabinet display on two out of the three cabinets in the exhibition to allow the visitor to discover the texture and scent of the baskets.  Joan has also sculptured a Kookaburra out of sweetcorn husks and Philodendron and Aristia leaves.

Cabinet 2

Cabinet 2 detail

Contemporary jewellery by Lauren Simeoni compliments the exhibition.  Lauren combines artificial foliage with silver, coral, glass and gemstone beads to create stunning neckpieces that can be worn in different ways.  Lauren also creates the magnetic brooches featuring native plants including eucalypts, Banksia and Lilly pilly.  More of Lauren’s exciting work can be seen here.

For the children, the exhibition includes soft sculptured creatures from the Gardens designed by Austin Lord (13 yo).  Austin writes and draws comics around invented creatures so the character becomes as important as the original source of inspiration.  Andrew and Austin photographed the creatures around the ANBG.


Water Dragon


We’ve included pictures of the Rock Garden so look closely to count the real resident Water Dragons! (Hint:  Click on the picture to enlarge it and use the magnifying button)

Water Dragons 1

Water Dragons 2

Visit the ANBG site.


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