‘Bloom’ exhibition


Here are some of the fabrics for the Bloom exhibition, at Artistic License Gallery in April.  It’s a departure from the previous three years work of using eucalyptus dyes exclusively, with the riot of colours available from fibre reactive dyes.   All are based on Australia wildflowers, such as the Grevillea, Kangaroo Paw, Lechenaultia,  Wattle and Sturt’s Desert Pea, to name a few.

The designs are painted loosely on fabric, using foam and synthetic brushes, and left to disperse across the fabric so the result is blurred, or out of focus.   The fabrics are silk satin and chiffon, with organza still on the painting frame, and the next step is to design and make them up into a floaty collection.  I’ve been looking at art and design from the turn of the 20th Century to the 1920’s, particularly Gustav Klimt, Erte, Poiret and the flamboyant dancer Ruth St Denis for inspiration.   Another source of inspiration is artist, textile and fashion/textile design great Linda Jackson.


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Artist in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy viewing and participating in street art and experimenting with photography for surface design.

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